Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is Morgellons Disease (By Bobbie Abdallah)

You have probably heard it said, what you don't know can still hurt you. Never has that been truer than with the newly emerging mystery disease called Morgellons.
Haven't heard of Morgellons Disease? You're not alone. And that's why you must know more -- because what you don't know about this ailment can indeed hurt you.
Morgellons Disease is a little-known, yet growing threat in our present day world. In fact, many consider that Morgellons may very possibly become the "plague" of our generation.
In fact, so little is known about this disease that no one can even explain where it came from. The earliest reference, in 1674, mentions similar symptoms which are seen today. Another tiny clue is found in 1862, in a drawing created by Dr. Michel Ettmuller of skin lesions commonly associated with Morgellons.
But what exactly is Morgellons Disease? Some of the symptoms include debilitating exhaustion, skin lesions that refuse to heal, "brain fog" and even the sensation of bugs and worms biting or crawling under your skin!
But even worse, there's physical disfigurement and unrelenting pain and discomfort in your joints. All leading to social isolation because of how others will react in fear and ignorance towards you and your symptoms. People fear what they don't understand and Morgellons is certainly an unknown disease.
But are you really at risk from this mystery disease? Many people scoff at the very idea that Morgellons poses a real risk. Instead they portray so-called patients as delusional or attention-seekers.
But before you jump to the same conclusion, consider the following: samples taken from the skin lesions of individuals claiming to be affected by Morgellons revealed the infestation of a wingless, arthropod insect called a springtail or collembola. Perhaps some exotic insect from a faraway place? Hardly. They can be found inside, in damp areas near sinks or leaky pipes, or outside in damp soil, near pools, ponds or other water sources.
Or consider that Morgellons Disease is suspected to be associated to other diseases that present similar symptoms, specifically Lyme borreliosis. Yes, the same Lyme disease that affected more than 23,000 people in 2005, through the simple bite of an infected tick.
Ready to run to the doctor? It may not help you. Even the doctor you rely upon for medical advice probably has no answers for you. Worse yet, because of the lack of medical information, his diagnosis will completely rely upon his own personal theory of what Morgellons really is.
Very little is certain about Morgellons Disease except that is a frightening unknown ailment. The freakish symptoms, only a few of which are described here, frighten those with them and those who fear they've been exposed. Doctors are at a loss to explain the causes and at an even greater loss to treat them.
With little scientific explanation, a large, confusing array of symptoms and without even a standardized test to detect this disease, Morgellons remains one of the great medical mysteries of our present day.
But perhaps the greatest threat from Morgellons is fear. Without asking the tough questions, without pushing for greater research and understanding, the effects of Morgellons can never be addressed.
This may be the first time you've heard of Morgellons, but unfortunately, it's most likely not the last.