Thursday, January 17, 2008

Geography and Morgellons Disease

While Morgellons has been reported to exist in every state of the US and a large number of countries throughout the world, it is hard to ignore the facts. Morgellons outbreaks are more prevalent in a handful of areas of the United States than in the rest of the country or world. Those areas particularly at risk are California, Texas and Florida. The reasons for this is still unknown. There are, however, several theories as to why Morgellons has chosen these geographical locations to turn up in the largest amount of people.
There is one school of thought that links Morgellons to Lyme disease, an illness associated with ticks and fleas. Some of the symptoms of Lyme disease are similar to those associated with Morgellons, including joint pain and skin abnormalities. A number of Morgellons sufferers have also been found to have Lyme Disease. For this reason, many people believe that it is a cause of Morgellons. The large concentration of Morgellons sufferers in the common locations could be attributed to the number and type of fleas and ticks that are prevalent in southern states. This does not necessarily explain the high concentration of Morgellons in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.
California, Texas and Florida rank first, second and fourth in population among states in the US. For some, this is a reasonable explanation for the outbreak of Morgellons in the most populous cities of these states. Generally, when diseases such as Morgellons break out in largely populated areas, the number of people with that disease in those areas tends to skyrocket, whether the condition is known to be contagious or not. Although there is no conclusive evidence that Morgellons is contagious, it stands to reason that the same environmental factors would affect a large number of people in heavily populated areas.
If you are a conspiracy theorist at heart, then you may enjoy a few of the rationalizations for Morgellons’ concentration in these states. It has been said that because these states have had space shuttle landings and crashes, Morgellons is common there. That’s right, there are people that believe that Morgellons is a space disease and the parasites that cause it are from outer space. These people may also try to convince you that Area 51 is real and that the US government staged the moon landing with the help of the Russian government. Nothing against these people, but most reasonable people opt to give the government the benefit of the doubt.
Overall, geography probably does not play a factor in the cause and onset of Morgellons, except that places of the highest population are going to turn up with more cases. The environmental factors of these locations are possible elements that encourage the growth of the disease and eventually lead to what people think is an outbreak of Morgellons. The increased reports in these areas can also be related to the fact that Morgellons is growing in popularity. Morgellons has gotten increased media attention over the past few years, leading to more people coming forward reporting symptoms.


Anonymous said...

wrasse mteorite contained matching so called fillaments. There is a lot more to the story, for one it can be symbiotic, rather then it's current status of being called a disease.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have symptoms of morgellons but keep getting diagnosed with depression the symptoms are clear! They won't test me for Lyme or morgellons because apparently it doesn't exist her but it does in the states? Canada isn't that far. Ugh! So beyond frustrated.

Anonymous said...

I'm in OC California by Disneyland and I have had it for the past 3 years. I have gone to different Doctors and they don't have clue what has been wrong with me. I have fungus gnats always following me and read that they can grow in your skin and to find out put acne cream on your skin and it will make them come out. Well I.put it on and fibers were coming out of my pores. I had never seen fiber but read at morgellons because I have the same symptoms without the fibers until yesterday. I was tested for Lyme a week ago because it matched my symptoms. I will call my doctor about the fibers Monday which I have on tape, he did ask me if I ever saw any after I mentioned my symptoms. I'm worried my family has it to and my newborn son. God help us and fix this.